The Red Sled Rescue

Chases, cats, crows, camels, and peaches?

The Shubin cousins are visiting their Babunya's farm when Henry's cape is stolen by a gang of crows. The cousins are trapped and cannot go home. Will their new friends help the Shubins get back to their families?

Published: 2011
Artwork: Kathy Hayes
Characters: Nichol, Skyler, Olivia, Silas, Georgie, Trinity, Anika, Kyra, Faith, Henry, Amara
Character Order on Cover: (top row) Nichol, Skyler, Silas, Trinity (middle row) Anika, Olivia, Georgie, Kyra (bottom row) Amara, Faith, Henry
Story Location: Real; Great-grandma Luba Nazaroff's farm just outside of Woodburn, Oregon.


The red sled in the story is an actual toy that generations family members have played with. The Flexy-Flyer was only for sale a few years because it was a dangerous toy.

The sketch of the red sled on the title page is the only artwork in the series done by Masha.


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