Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Shubin Cousins Off on Another Adventure!

PIErats! Treasure! ...the hula!

The latest Shubin Cousins adventure is out, and they're off on a hunt for the infamous PIErat treasure.

Look here for more information and to read the first chapter.

Available through: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powells.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Shubin Cousins Is Launched ...into Space!

New year, new cousin, new book!

We are a geeky family so a space-themed book is in order. Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Hitchhiker's Guide... the gang is all here.

Look here for more information and to read the first chapter.

Available through: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powells.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Welcome Gabriel!

The Shubin Cousins now have a new character! Gabriel David Hayes!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Catching Up!

I've been busy with making the first three books available...and I'm excited to say good progress has been made.

The Lost Ball - Volume 1

Also available on Kindle!

More info on this page.

Pirates, monsters, soldiers, dark caves, robbing robins, and bubble fog! King Porthos has lost his favorite ball. Can Nichol, Skyler, Olivia, Georgie, Trinity, and Anika brave the dangers and solve the mystery? Is it in the Deck Caves? Or in the Shrubbery Forest? Or could it be locked away in Fort Fortress? Follow the Shubins as they scour the land to find THE LOST BALL.

The Camp Caper - Volume 2

Paperback: AmazonBarnes & NoblePowells
Also available on Kindle!

More info on this page.

Frogs and crickets and bears! Oh my!
Kyra needs an imagination cape, but the last piece has been stolen. While looking, the Shubin cousins uncover an invasion plot, theft, and a kidnapping. Can the kids stop the Camp Caper before it is too late?  

The Black Boot Pirates - Volume 3

Paperback: AmazonBarnes & NoblePowells
Also available on Kindle!

More info on this page.

The Treasure of Mashugana Land is lost... and so is Kyra!
A treasure hunt! Throw in a gang of monkeys, an alligator's head, a lost crown, and an elephant that keeps loosing its temper, and you've got the making of a great time... if the Shubin Cousins can only find Kyra.  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

No new book this year

Last year's book was waaaay to long and didn't get published until June. So I did not do a new book this year. However I am working on getting my non-distributed books up for distribution as well as released in Kindle format.

The Lost Ball is now edited and available (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powells). Step one in the right direction. Hooray! :-)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The latest Shubin Cousins book is released!

Finally!!! The Fairytale Fracas is released!

For those who do not know, this book series is my Christmas present for my nieces and nephews. The Fairytale Fracas was meant to be their 2011 Christmas present. I think I am the tiniest bit late. ☺

My only consolation is that this is the biggest book yet. Fracas has clocked in at 32,000+ words.

This time the cousins get caught up in a book of fairytales (including one Russian fairytale where the main character's name is Masha ☺) where they accidentally caused all the stories to get mixed up. Also the Grimm fairytale characters (the twisted original stories, not the nice cleaned-up versions) are determined to take over the book to make sure there are no more happy endings. 

The Fairytale Fracas is available for sale in all the usual online stores: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powells.


I've had a few people ask me why my books aren't ebooks yet. That is a good question. And I have a good answer.

I'm too embarrassed to put them out there.

I am not an editor, and these books were published in pretty much their rough-draft stages. There are spelling and grammar errors galore! Not to mention plot holes. I am currently working on getting them edited by a dear friend. (Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love editors.)

A second reason is that I have not put them out there is that they were originally written with the audience being exclusively made up of my family. So I've got stories with a bazilion characters who are never introduced – because we know who they are – and they are placed in settings that are not fully described. The Red Sled Rescue and The Fairytale Fracas are the first two books I wrote with the consideration that non-family members might read them.

So once I've gotten them edited and fortified a bit with more info, I'm planning on re-releasing them. The first three were never put up for public sale, so those need to also be added. I am quickly running out of copies, so I guess I will need to get this resolved soon.