Thursday, June 28, 2012

The latest Shubin Cousins book is released!

Finally!!! The Fairytale Fracas is released!

For those who do not know, this book series is my Christmas present for my nieces and nephews. The Fairytale Fracas was meant to be their 2011 Christmas present. I think I am the tiniest bit late. ☺

My only consolation is that this is the biggest book yet. Fracas has clocked in at 32,000+ words.

This time the cousins get caught up in a book of fairytales (including one Russian fairytale where the main character's name is Masha ☺) where they accidentally caused all the stories to get mixed up. Also the Grimm fairytale characters (the twisted original stories, not the nice cleaned-up versions) are determined to take over the book to make sure there are no more happy endings. 

The Fairytale Fracas is available for sale in all the usual online stores: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powells.


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